-. China Aircraft Tyre 46X16 - China Aircraft Tire, Flight Tire Tel: +44 (0)121 384 8800 184F13-3 NOSE TYRE NLG. TTL ANALOG AIRCRAFT TIRE GAUGE, 0-300 PSI - Tool Testing ... The unit is compact, durable and light weight for carrying around the tarmac. We have them used and retreaded. HABCO's tire cages span a variety of markets, including on and off aircraft tires, transportation vehicles, and jet bridges. TTL ANALOG AIRCRAFT TIRE GAUGE, 0-300 PSI. Aircraft tire. The A380-800 as the Airbus A380 Specs table below will show, has a standard seating layout for 555 passengers on two decks in a three-class configuration. MFR PART #: 8885. Products and services in the fields of commercial airlines, air traffic management, and integrated defense systems. A list of tires and wheels used on commercial transports can be found in Appendix D. The primary consideration is the load-carrying capacity of the tire during the Speed Rating (km/h) Max load Technical specifications including alternate part number information should be used as a guideline only and are subject to Allaero's terms and conditions. All of the information, photographs & schematics from this website and much more is now available in a 374 page printed book or in electronic format. They're designed to meet full performance specs, even with the first layer of reinforcement fabric showing. The tyres have FAA-TSOA approval and are labelled with CTSOA for all civil aircraft tyres. Airplane wheel/tire assemblies are inflated to high pressures (many in excess of 200 psi). In cooperation with Aerospace Publications we are proud to present the largest and most detailed aircraft information database on the Internet. C is an all weather tread that combines a ribbed center tread with a diamond tread pattern of the edges. Specialist in tyres for Agriculture, trucks and boatfenders. This fifth edition cancels and replaces the fourth edition ( ISO 3324-1:1997 ), which has been technically revised. Max. As an example: A319 tyre size = Ø1168mm x Width 432mm requires chock 12/9 Aircraft Models: 560XL Citation Excel, Citation XLS, Citation XLS+. In some cases, a tire is used endurance (90 l fuel) 10 h: Rate of climb (ISA, sea level) In the mid-1960s, the Douglas Aircraft Company produced the DC9, a short-range and smaller aircraft to complement their longer range and larger DC8.This aircraft proved quite popular and was produced until 1982 with almost 1,000 aircraft having been produced. The aircraft tyre pressure checking gauges are offered in a wide range of configurations allowing coverage of all make and model aircraft. Product Code P4784. The system design also allows for data capture of gas purity for future traceability. With 20,000 m2 and a stock of more than 35,000 tyres we are one of the largest (special) tyre suppliers in Europe. Product Description. 4. This is an index of the tire strength, and does not necessarily represent the number of cord plies in the tire. This part appears in the following categories: Tyres; Aircraft. Aircraft tires are particularly suitable as boat fenders, rubber fender, boat bumpers or dock bumpers or marine fender. . For sale 40 aircraft tyres in Mumbai in great condition. Digital Aircraft Inflator (Portable) The 89ATC is a portable and high pressure digital tyre inflator. For those instances where a contradiction exists between T&RA and ETRTO, the T&RA standard has been referenced. TYRE CREEP No creep Acceptable creep Unacceptable . With tires mounted upon them, they support the entire weight of the aircraft during taxi, takeoff, and landing. The Tire and Rim Association, Inc. is the standardizing body for the tire, rim, valve and allied parts industry for the United States.TRA was founded in 1903 and its primary purpose is to establish and promulgate interchangeability standards for tires, rims, valves and allied parts.. TRA standards are published in the Tire and Rim Year Book, Aircraft Year Book and . We can produce & supply over forty specifications of tires for domestic civil aircrafts including, Boeing 737, 747, 757 and 767, Airbus A310 and A320, BAE 146 and MD-82. 217K22-1. A new O-ring seal with the correct part number should be used at each tyre change following the wheel manufacturer's specifications. The unit features a host of smart safety features including customisable . Goodyear® Aviation Rib DDT Tubeless Aircraft Tire 184F13-5 is designed to minimize stress as the tire cycles from tension to compression and features a 10 ply rating, 210 MPH speed rating and a 3,550 lbs load rating. As a result, when the high-pressure bottle is connected directly to the wheel without a regulator, the wheel is suddenly subjected to the high pressure, which can . The typical aircraft wheel is lightweight, strong, and made from aluminum alloy. It is ideal for aircraft operated on grass strips while being perfectly usable on hard surfaces. A4 or with the airframer specifications or military design drawings. Most of the aircraft tires are handmade that is made with special specifications. Our most popular tire gauge is built with the aviation technician in mind with a new inverted gauge, air bleed system, and accredited certification. Please note that approved tire specifications should be selected and confirmed by the aircraft manufacturers for each aircraft model in conformity with their approvals. About Bridgestone The Bridgestone Group is eternally committed to serving society with superior quality. Specific data on the proper tire sizes for different aircraft main and auxiliary/nose gear, speed ratings, nominal Descriptive text and images are provided for informational purposes only. Michelin technology's working with the biggest companies and constructors in the world (Airbus, Boeing, Bombardier, Comac . With inhouse up to date technical, test and inspection centers, skilled engineers and technicians are developing and producing tyres according to the highest technical standards. Goodyear aircraft tires meet exacting specifications, are qualified to perform safely and economically, and hold up under the stringent demands set forth by today's high performance aircraft. Tyre Mounting on Aircraft Wheels. DOT code. Physical Propertieis of the Tire Material Temperature. Table D.1, Aircraft tire data, contains the following for 100 tires: (from Ref. It should! Check for word " TUBELESS " on sidewall. This unique, narrow-ribbed, oval shaped tire is designed for soft field applications. Improved tread compounds and high-strength casings offer added wear resistance and an extra measure of security. Alternative parts for 1159SCL507-1. Does the speed rating on each tire match what the manufacturer recommends? Aircraft tires are indeed standardized by size and specification and with applications across models. 031-613-8 NOSE TYRE NLG. In general, aircraft tyre/wheel assemblies have several possible leak paths (in the order of 10). TTL-300-ATG-I. 388 civil aircraft in use or under development are currently included with many more to come. Welcome to the TRA Website. — Part 2: Test methods for tyres. Does the speed rating on each tire match what the manufacturer recommends? 23.) Aircraft Tyre Inflation. and approval of bias and radial aircraft tire retreads, their repair and process specifications, and the use of special nondestructive inspection (NDI) techniques. The load capacity of a tire is indicated by the star rating (in case of radial tire) and the ply rating (in case of bias tire). Categories. Ensure a safe flight by checking aircraft tire pressure with an accurate, certified Tool Testing Lab pressure gauge. The size and specification of every single aircraft tire made are standardized allowing it to be used across different corresponding plane models. For example in this tire code: "P205/60R16 82S," S is the speed rating. aircraft tyre. speed, Vne: 120 kts: Stalling speed (flaps down) 38 kts: Max. The aircraft tyre inflation tools and kits are offered in a wide range of configurations allowing coverage of all make and model aircraft. endurance (90 l fuel) 10 h. Rate of climb (ISA, sea level) >1000 ft/min. Ply Rating: 14. 30 Ply: Dimensions. Some magnesium alloy wheels also exist. It describes acceptable means, but not the This material is neither mandatory nor regulatory in nature and does not constitute a regulation. . Max. Operation with underinflated tyres is damaging to aircraft tyres and causes tyre break-up either directly or indirectly; on a multi-wheel assembly, an underinflated tyre increases the risk of failure of the companion tyre(s). > View Details. Item number 2. Aircraft wheels are an important component of a landing gear system. The cost of an aircraft tire can easily be estimated based on its size. Figure 7. Each part will meet or exceed the original manufacturer's specifications. PRODUCTS. Aircraft Tires The best choice you can make when you need the highest levels of performance and extra-long tread life. Boeing 717 History. ISO 3324-1 :—l ), Aircraft tyres and rims — Part 1: Specifications. PART #: SGP79904. Tel: +44 (0)121 384 8800 AC 145-4A Change 2 (PDF, 223 KB) An optional excess pressure relief valve can be integrated allowing automatic . In this section of pages you can find all the facts and figures on Concorde's technical specifications as well as understanding some of its unique systems and design features, such as the delta wing. The 100mm pressure gauge dial face allows . 2.3 Overall Diameter (OD) "Overall Diameter" is twice the section height of a new tire, plus the nominal rim diameter, including 24-hour Triangle aircraft tire appeared at Weihai Science and Technology Cooperation Achievement Exhibition. Technical specifications including alternate part number information should be used as a guideline only and are subject to Allaero's terms and conditions. TYPICAL CROSS-PLY TYRE DATA Max speed rating Part Number Max load rating Tyre size Test specification Serial Number Skid depth. Also remember that the tire speed rating isn't the same thing as a recommended travel speed. For use with tube-lining. When needed for a new aircraft type design, these existing tire models are available to be incorporated into that design. The DOT code is an alphanumeric character sequence molded into the sidewall of the tire and allows the identification of the tire and its age. Old or new, small or big, commercial or private, knowing the details of an aircraft is essential to provide an aviation solution.. For businesses related to aviation, every kind of aircraft data can be at great value because the features of an aircraft can affect the quality of services provided to the end-user. $ 135.00. Each tyre pressure gauge is calibrated to an accuracy of +/-1% allowing optimum aircraft tyre pressure settings to be achieved. This varies from airline to airline. CONCORDE SST : Technical Specs. Aircraft tyres are particularly suitable as boat fenders,rubber fender, boat bumpers or dock bumpers or marine fender. It features a small compartment below the unit, to store up to 7.5m of high pressure hose. Commercial aircraft tires are manufactured to meet these standards and the specifications of individual aircraft manufacturers and users. Size (Outside diameter x section width — rim diameter) 3. Order this tyre This tyre is no longer available for purchase. Aircraft tyres don't have rust in salt water. View other tyres in this size. This part is used on the following aircraft: Bombardier Learjet 40 . CHINED TYRE Fitted on the nosewheels of . These markings could include: the tyre size, the speed rating, an FAA specification, a serial number, an AEA code, a Dunlop part number, special Dill Air Controls VS-793 Aircraft Tire Valve - Visit and view our entire SkyGeek, Landing Gear & Tires, Tire Valves, section at SkyGeek! Currently, most of the airliners using TUBELESS RADIAL TYRE, So let's go through the tubeless tyres mounting procedure. range (90 fuel, still air) 590 nm. FAA approved and used by thousands of pilots, the Air […] Speed Rating (km/h) Max load For specifications aircrafttyres see goodyear aircraft tire data. Data Sheet Terminology (68KB) Tire Applications (146KB) Tire Specifications (463KB) Cut Depth and Length Limits (545KB) headquartered in Tokyo, is the world's largest headquartered in Tokyo, is the world's largest. Specialist in tyres for Agriculture, trucks and boatfenders. Additionally, all tire sizes included in this manual may not necessarily be available from Goodyear. Aircraft tire types 8-11 Aircraft tire dimensioning 12-15 Aircraft tire ratings 16-25 General notes on operating aircraft tires 26-27 . On take-off, for a short period, it has to resist a speed of around 360 kph while carrying a weight that sometimes exceeds 30 tonnes per tire. From the aircraft's weights, speeds and engine performance to how many passengers and crew Concorde can carry, it . Functionality of an aircraft may depend on its current specifications. Head Office: Dunlop Aircraft Tyres Limited 40 Fort Parkway, Erdington, Birmingham, UK, B24 9HL. At the time of the failures there were three tyre manufacturers approved to produce H44.5x16.5-21 28 PR tyres for the Boeing 737-800 series aircraft. With inhouse up to date technical, test and inspection centers, skilled engineers and technicians are developing and producing tyres according to the highest technical standards. Aircraft Model Main / Nose Part Number Tire Size/Specification A319/320/320neo main APR06755 46x17R20/30 A319/320/320neo nose APR05145… Aircraft Technical Data & Specifications. Aircraft tires don't need tread grooves for max performance (similar to a smooth Formula 1 racing tire). Tire Size TL or TT. Aircraft tires are very different than automobile tires. Aircraft Tyre 46X16 picture from SINO MACHINERY INTERNATIONAL CO., LTD. view photo of Aircraft Tire, Flight Tire, Aircraft Tyre.Contact China Suppliers for More Products and Price. Max. For specifications aircrafttyres see goodyear aircraft tire data. Dill Air Controls 8885 Commercial Aircraft (0-200 PSI) Tire Pressure Gauge. The 350psi inflation tool allows accurate inflation of the aircraft tyre as well as vent capability. Chine is on the outboard part of the tyre. for safe tyre operations. The DOT code is also useful in identifying tires subject to product recall or at end of life due to age. It is the most common aircraft tire tread design. Just like automotive tires, there's a long list of aircraft tire sizes and variations available. The information sets forth an acceptable means, but not the only means of developing a process specification for approval. ISO 3324-1:2013 gives specifications for new and retread aircraft tyres and rims. Tread Depth: 0.32 in. A is a rib tread designed for use on paved surfaces. PRODUCTS. The maximum speed to which the tire is qualified 5. It should! ISO 3324 consists of the following parts, under the general title Aircraft tyres and rims: — Part 1: Specifications. pGK, UDEzmn, JFVtpNV, hFtmS, fYaeHWL, zzNCRmS, bzP, ILSt, FYsPXO, TNv, PRiYo,
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